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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pickens, South Carolina . . . . .

This weekend I am vending in Pickens, a cute little hamlet in the upstate of South Carolina nestled between the mountains and the Piedmont.  Okay, so I'm going a little overboard with the writing.  But Pickens is a cute little town.  The show is Friday (9:00 - 6:00) and Saturday (9:00 - 5:00) and is located at Pickens View Wesleyan Church - 744 Bethlehem Ridge Road.  Google Maps picks it up just fine, thank you very much.  Beautiful church and beautiful quilts.

In the meantime, I am sitting in the hotel and going to give a shot at needleturn applique.  Yes, I know, I am supposed to be touting the hand-dyed wools and telling everyone how much easier wool is because you don't have to turn under the edges (by the way, it IS easier to applique with wool because you don't have to turn under the edges).  I wanted to do something a little different and keep what little cotton applique skills I had from totally disintegrating.

I have picked this pattern from Jan Patek.  Jan offered it on her blog on September 11th just for the one day.  I've had the background pieced and the applique pieces prepped since then waiting for the right time to start.  (Can you tell I'm too chicken to start?!)  I'm using the "freezer paper on top" method this time to see if I like it any better than I did the first time I tried it.

Wow, three paragraphs and no pictures.  Will keep you posted.  If it doesn't work out, we may have to switch to wool!

Blessings, Cathi


Carol said...

Hope you have a great your project!

Colleen said...

Have a great show. I too have that Jan Patek pattern waiting to start. The only difference is I have NEVER done needle turn so I may end up doing raw edge.

Libby said...

You can do it - needleturn is such fun. Just relax and don't try to achieve perfection. Of course a wool version would be great, too.

Have a great show!

Karen said...

Jan has such interesting eagles in her patterns. This one doesn't look like it will be too hard to do. I trace around the freezer paper so I have a line I know needs to be turned under but remove the paper before stitching.

I remember Pickens.

Carrie P. said...

wool is good! but I know you can do applique with cotton. I do needle turn but I usually just trace the pieces and take off the paper. It gets in my way but I think it makes a nice edge if you can get it to stay on the fabric. Good luck!