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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Un-quilting .....

Back in 2000, my daughter thought it would be great to make a quilt for her future in-laws 30th wedding anniversary.  My daughter doesn't quilt but her mother does!

I wasn't doing this alone.  She was going to learn!

Fast forward 13 years ...... the quilt has been used and washed and used and washed again (Isn't that what it is for?).

As you can see by the picture, a lot of the stitching has 'popped'.  Now I am in the process of un-stitching it so I can re-quilt it.

Why did it do this?  

Did we use the wrong thread? (We used YLI quilting thread in the top and regular piecing 50 wt. thread in the bobbin).

Someone suggested that because we stitched on the bias and the fabric stretched, the thread did not so it 'popped'.

Was it just from 13 years of much loved use?

Stitching length too short?

Any suggestions or thoughts? 
(please be kind ...... this is why I don't quilt much ..... I don't know what I'm doing but I'm great at hand work ;>))

Blessings, Cathi

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Second verse, same as the first .....

It seems all I have done on this post is apologizing for not blogging often enough.  No more apologies!  As my little pic says on my sidebar ...... BWO (Blogging Without Obligation).

But I will give you an explanation or two .....

A) Business has been fantastic and am down to 2 hours of sleep a night,

B) I'm a Facebook hound now.  I have to admit, FB is a lot quicker and less time consuming,

and 3) Being so tired from working has really left me having difficulty putting two words together let alone a whole blog!

So instead of a long wordy post about what I have been doing since July, I will just give a barn update .....

We now have a Wool Barn cat!

You may remember Tinker from years past on all my blogs at one time or another.  She is 15 years old and has been with us since 2 months old.  Long story but she is no longer welcome in the house by some members of the household after all but destroying furniture, carpet, sleep, etc.  So she now lives outside (she was an outside cat to begin with) and sleeps in the barn at night when it is really cold.  I think she has "un-aged" by a few years.  She seems much happier and healthier.  Nothing like a few bugs and salamanders to chase to make her feel like a kitten again!

Blessings, Cathi