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Friday, November 30, 2012

I went to visit the VERY pregnant Married One yesterday to help her decorate for Christmas.  For some reason, she has trouble getting up off the couch * or on a ladder * or bending over to get anything out of a box * LOL

It gave me the opportunity to show her the quilt I am making for Sweet Baby Girl (SBG).  I would have had it finished but I ran out of the quilting thread I was using.  Since she has seen it now, I have no problem showing it to you.

I will show a better picture when it is ALL finished.  I had not even told her that I already bought the fabrics so it was a nice surprise for her to see that it may be finished before the baby gets here.  Obviously the picture above is part of SBG's room.  I didn't take a picture of the closet but The Married One painted it the bright pink that is in the quilt.  The trees and birds are decals that she ordered from Etsy.  The curtains are floor to ceiling chevron in gray and white.  She still has a few gifts to put away and some details to take care of.  The big day is only three weeks away.  It will be here before she knows it!

I can't wait to meet her!

Blessings, Cathi

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today starts . . . . .

Stacy's Primitive Blog Hop!

Today we start with Tara Darr so HOP on over!!

Blessings, Cathi

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plans . . . . .

I had many plans over the last week of what I was going to do this weekend.  All of that went up in smoke when I started to feel under the weather Tuesday night.  Long story but I didn't spend Thanksgiving with Dear Hubby, Computer Geek or the Married One.  I thought that would give me plenty of time to sew and decorate, etc.

As it was, I made it to Cracker Barrel with The Wild One and TurfBoy and proceeded to spend the rest of the time in bed.  I managed to decorate three of the big trees.  I got out of bed long enough to put the first tree up (artificial and pre-lit which only took five minutes), took a nap, put on half the ornaments, took another nap, put on the rest of the ornaments ..... well, you get the picture.  Three days, three trees.

Dear Hubby is back home and is taking good care of me.  IMHO, he should be since he is the one that brought the cold home to me from work (he works in a high school).  He is over his episode of sickness now.  Took him a week.  I figure I have a few more days and I will be ready to get back to work.

Although my shows are over for the season, the January shows are just around the corner.  I need to get a LOT of wool dyed again (thanks to all the great sales I had!  WhooHoo).  I have new samples in the works and new kits coming in the new year.

First on the agenda is Sweet Baby Girl's quilt to be quilted ..... still.

Blessings, Cathi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Better show her first . . . . .

I finished the top of Sweet Baby Girl's quilt last Friday but I thought I ought to show the Married One first before I showed you.  I will be layering it this afternoon.  Maybe by the end of the weekend it will be quilted.    

I have come down with a wicked cold so I better not give the quilt to her until I am all better.  Here is a sneak peak.

Last June (of 2011), I talked about a little mistake I made cutting the flying geese for a quilt.  The plan was to use the mis-cut pieces for another top.  I did it!  17 months later but hey, the top is finished. 

I have found a piece of batting to fit this top along with 5 others.  Yup, 6 tops all ready to quilt.  Plus Sweet Baby Girls quilt.  They are all small so if I can find some backing this afternoon, I will see how many I can get finished over the weekend.  If this cold doesn't do me in first!

Blessings, Cathi

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gray is hot . . . . .

Who would have thunk it but gray is the new hot color for baby's room.  Maybe because it lets all the accent colors pop.  Married One has chosen gray for the Sweet Baby Girl's room with accents of aqua, bright yellow and magenta.

Although she doesn't know which quilt pattern I chose or any of the fabrics, she rarely looks at my blog so I feel safe showing some of it.

She loves chevrons so I will be making a simple chevron pattern from half square triangles.  I spent last night cutting the squares, drawing my line from corner to corner and sewing down 1/4" on each side of the line.

Today was spent pressing.  (Along with a thorough spring cleaning of my bedroom ... only 6 months late).  This was the pile from this afternoon.  The 120 4-1/2" squares have been trimmed and I will spend the rest of the evening sewing them in to rows and the rows in to a quilt.

Better hurry ..... only 5 weeks left!!

Blessings, Cathi