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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finished for tonight . . . . .

I just have another hour of sewing on my Christmas Star Trip quilt but it will have to wait until tomorrow to show you.  We have had a torrential thunderstorm this evening that lasted for hours.  The quilt really needs to be photographed outside.  Besides that it is very wet out, it is also very DARK.  Not good for picture taking!

Hope those of you that played with us today had a good time.  Next month Sue will be hosting again on the second Saturday in September.  We're almost finished with the Scatty Stars quilt.  Stay tuned!

Blessings, Cathi


Joanna said...

Thank you, Cathi. That is such a pretty vintage picture. I love it.

QuiltSue said...

Thanks for having us! I had a good day, and am intending to carry on today and do the borders that didn't get done yesterday I think. On the other hand, maybe I'll start something else altogether?

Quilt Hollow said...

Well....I never got started on anything to post and lurked at the end of the day. Jeff was busy working on his "jalopy" and at times required my help so I just looked at magazines/books and fondled fabrics.
Glad you had a productive day.

Karen said...

I had to miss the sew along and will again next month. Hope everyone enjoyed their stitching day.

Your Christmas stars look good with the rail fence blocks. A good setting idea.