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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A non-Christmas finish . . . . .

I haven't really finished or made anything Christmas-sy this year.  We are doing very little in the way of gifts.  Just a few gifts for our own kids - nothing for each other (except, of course, the wool barn in the last post which covers me for the next 10 years!)  Although my children are in awe and amazement of my crafting and artistic abilities - ahem - they do not exactly share my love of all things primitive.  So that takes them off the "mom-made-this-for-me" list.  At least things mom WANTS to make.   

I did finish this little penny rug that will hang in the bathroom after the holidays (where the pumpkin is in the post link).  It measures only 11" x 15" with each larger penny measuring 2".  

I made up the design myself such as it is.  Not much to design.  I just knew the finished size and that I wanted it on a cotton background.  I finished it like a quilt with quilting and binding.

Simple enough but quite a color impact with scraps of wool.

And just in time to put another in the finish column before the end of the year.

Blessings, Cathi

WOOL BARN update:  I primed the floors that were nothing more than 4 x 8 sheets of plywood and laid super sticky vinyl strips that look like faux hardwood floors.  Today I rolled them with the 100 lb. roller that the manufacturer recommended.  This is going to be the nicest storage building this county has ever seen!  Too overcast for pictures today.  


Sue said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I love the colors of wool and your stitching is stellar!

Merry Christmas!

Libby said...

Ahhh - my girl is the same . . . not all that interested in mom's style *sigh* There is progress, though. This year she took of the torch of hand-made gifts. I am quietly beaming in the background - I don't want to scare her off.

Lesley said...

Cathi, I love your little penny rug hanging. I have some wool scraps that would be perfect for this type of thank you for the inspiration!

Nicely done!

paulette said...

I love your penny!! have wanted to make one like this for ages...your little beauty might just push me over the edge!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Vicki said...

congrads on the barn... that is what I need LOL

Karen said...

Pretty pennies all in a row. Your stitching looks really even. Good job.

Barb said...

I love your rug and your stitching is just awesome!

Joanna said...

Super lovely.

Ellen S said...

I love this!! Can you share the size of the pennies? Both inside and outside? Great idea for the bathroom...hum...would loveto do the same!!!!
Ellen S

Leann said...

Well even though I don't decorate Prim - I do love Penny Rugs. they scream fall to me - yours will look wonderful in the bathroom!

Merry Christmas!


Teri said...

What a lovely Penny rug.....and the stitches are perfect.

Carrie P. said...

I love this little wool project especially the plaid background. It is perfect.
Can't wait to see more photos of your wool barn.
Merry Christmas!