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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Contest break . . . . .

Break time!
This is part of a Christmas quiz that I gave to my family during Christmas 2009.  How many do you know?  Email your answers to me by 3:00 EST on Sunday afternoon.  I will announce the winner by 4:00 and have a surprise gift winging it's way to the winner's house by Monday afternoon!

The Christmas Traditions Quiz

  1. Christmas cards began as a tradition in what country?
a.    United Kingdom
b.    United States
c.    France
d.    Australia 

  1. What place is known as the Christmas Pickle capital of the world?
a.    Napa, California
b.    Berrien Springs, Michigan
c.    Trenton, New Jersey
d.    Paradise, Pennsylvania 

  1. What was the name of the goddess who turned mistletoe from poison to good fortune?  
a.    Balder
b.    Loki
c.    Hannah
d.    Frigga 

  1. What does it mean when one says "Wassail!"?
a.    Merry Christmas!
b.    Good Luck!
c.    Good Health to You!
d.    God Bless You!  

  1. Santa's use of reindeer originated from tales of ancient Norse mythology and the God Thor, who use to pull his chariot through the sky with what kind of animals?
a.    Horses
b.    Reindeer
c.    Unicorns
d.    Goats 

  1. When and where is the earliest known Christmas tree in recorded history?
a.    1841, London
b.    1834, Pennsylvania
c.    17th Century, Austria
d.    16th Century, Germany 

  1. A Christmas wreath is symbolic of what?
a.    Victory
b.    Christmas Celebration
c.    Eternal Circle of Life
d.    All of the Above 

  1. December the 25th is not the birthday of Christ. What time of the year do historians agree that Jesus was born?
a.    Winter
b.    Spring
c.    Summer
d.    Fall 

  1. The word 'carol' means what?
a.    A wish of good cheer
b.    A greeting of peace
c.    A prayer of Thanksgiving
d.    A dance of celebration 

  1. How old is the tradition of the Candy Cane?
a.    Less than 100 years
b.    About 165 years
c.    No more than 210 years
d.    More than 230 years  

If you have just joined us, please visit the Christmas Quilt Along 2011 tab just under my header to see what today is all about. 

Blessings, Cathi


Carol said...
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Sand and Sunshine said...

I'm not good at trivia. In fact I'm happy to hold the crown for the person knowing the least number of those questions.

auntdeedee said...

OK....some of those were hard!! LOL What fun!

QuiltSue said...

What does auntdeedee mean that "some" of them were difficult. I think ALL of them were difficult!