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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Six Degrees, not six years ......

The personal project I am working on is entitled "Six Degrees" but it's not supposed to take me six years to make it!

Today is the last day of my self-inflicted vacation.  I spent it the same way I spent it last year, sick in the bed with a wicked head cold.  Someone remind me to take some preventative measures next year the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Thanks ......

I'm feeling better today (although this posting is the last thing I will do before taking a much needed rest).

I spent several hours working on a project that I have had the fabric and pattern for for almost 4 years.

It's Six Degrees by Miss Rosie's (aka Carrie Nelson) .

I chose to make mine with blues, reds and golds of all Civil War reproduction fabrics.  Here is what Carrie's looks like.

I cut all the pieces and pieced 12 blocks ...... only 56 more to go! 

Blessings, Cathi


Libby said...

Glad you are back among the living and healthy.

Karen said...

Winter colds are horrible. I hope you get all your intended work done and can relax - something us crafters just don't know how to do though.
Beautiful quilt! Love the blue's.
Blessings this holiday season,

Me and My Stitches said...

Hope you feel better soon! Love your quilt blocks - even if it is taking forever!

Karen said...

I thought you were saying it was six degrees outside. LOL! I was thinking that would be pretty cold for your area. I am sorry you aren't feeling well.

Melanie said...

I love it in blue. Great color combo..