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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wool Barn update . . . . .

Not much to report other than all my "stuff" is moved in. 

I bought this cute little chair at Goodwill.

It's covered in white pleather.  It will probably feel great in the summer but right now is a little chilly.  It will be great to sit in while doing handwork. It will also be a great chair for Dear Hubby to sit and visit when he wants.

The electrician is scheduled to come in the beginning of April to finish wiring.  I'm starting my heavy show schedule next weekend and won't have time to move things around for him to get in there to work.  Even if he did come in to wire, Dear Hubby and I wouldn't have time to do any work in there until April anyway.

Still up to my elbows in dye pots.  36 pots last week and hopefully at least as many this week.  

Blessings, Cathi


Karen said...

I bought a chair at a church thrift store for my sewing corner in the bedroom. I sit there and do handwork and watch television. Not a big investment for a chair but it works well.

Are your hands dyed too?

andsewon said...

Nice chair and still so clean! You could use a chair cover for winter time. Wish I had room in my sewing room for an easy chair. How fun to have your own wool shed..;-)

Sharon said...

Looks nice and comfy, and I'm sure you will have a nice cozy quilt draped on it to snuggle in! Have a great week!

Libby said...

How come there's never anything like that in the thrifts around here? What a great find! It's going to see a lot of stitchin'.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Great chair design...this style is always so comfortable.
Now did you do the recovering??? If so great job.


Angie Berry said...

Looks like a comfy stitching chair to me! Glad your wool barn is coming along nicely. Maybe when April comes and the shows are past, you will have time to sit, relax, and do some handwork in your barn and really enjoy it!!

Best wishes on your upcoming show, wishing for a sellout!!

Carrie P. said...

Great deal. one of your quilts would be pretty draped on the back.
I guess I will see you in a couple weeks our show.